Monday, May 2, 2011

The Chair

This chair has been around a very long time. (The tag on the chair is from Thomasville and its got like a 1926 federal law (mattress type tag) on it)  It's part of a dining set that was my grandparents, I believe it had 8 chairs.  This is whats left.  I acquired the table, leafs, and chairs after I moved out of my home and into my own house.  The set was ginormous and moved with me everytime I moved until I moved into the tiniest apartment known to man in Dallas in 2007.  I had to get rid of the table, by this time I had "lost" the leafs and had 5 chairs.  I kept this one lone chair for sentimental purposes, (I'm very sentimental).  I guess because I remember these horrid green velvet seats, sitting on them, climbing on them, being around family (very dysfunctional family) but still family.  SO I had to kept one. 

Anyhoo, I decided to transform my "dysfunctional chair".  I believed I have transformed so much over the past few years my chair that was collecting dust in our attic deserved a new life too.  

Pretty and Primered

 I recovered the seat, with my husbands help.

I painted it gray

I distressed the heck outta it, because nothing is perfect and flaws are character!

I just LOVED how it turned out, don't you??

This piece is gonna be {the piece} that I use to transform our bedroom, can not wait.

I'm loving this whole take your old furniture and transform it thing, very cool and very chic!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding....

Oh it was so awesome I loved every minute of it, Amid all the buzz and pomp and circumstance, for one ecstatic moment the world soaked up the fairytale.  I was just 2 years old with Prince Charles and Princess Diana wed, so I don't remember seeing any of it.  I think its neat that the twins are the same age I was for this wedding. 

Here are my favorite highlights from this regal day!!

HATS, I loved all the hats!!  I totally wanna have a hat/tea fun!!

The Dress, omg the dress was divine and demure and perfect!

Brothers, one of my very favorite parts is when Kate walks into the Church and Prince Harry turns back and sneaks a peek at her and then says something to Prince William. I thought it was so precious.  According to speculation this is what he said,
"Right, she's here now." Flashing a roguish grin, he added: "Wait 'til you see her." 

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge... I love the titles so regal and royal!!

 Stagecoaches, I mean really does this need an explanation....Sigh!!!

Convertible Astin Martin, yes please!!!!

KISS...the Kiss...another sigh they look so in love and I LOVE that!!

Royal Wedding note in the program

Dress #2...again she is so stunning and skinny!!

Least favorite part, the scary little royal frowner, NOT A FAN!! Scary looking little girl...yes I did go there, and I'm being nice!

Well thats my take on this fairytale Friday.  I have fun ideas brewing already for Halloween!! YAY!  I've officially given us royal names too.

Best Wishes to the happy couple!!

Lord & Lady Gray of Princeton

heheheheh ;D (nice ring ehhh)

oh my goodness....

Um has it really been a month since i've blogged last!?!? WOW!! :(  Now I am trying to think of whats gone on that I need to catch up on??

  • Gianna's 1st Birthday gets a post
  • Easter gets a post
  • I need to do a random rambling one {kinda like this loopy one}, there's the In her Shoes Women's Conf, Bluebonnets, and some garden updates.   Okay well I now have it written down!!
and thats about it.  I'm gonna STRIVE to get at least ONE of these posted tomorrow, but with all the Royal Wedding hooplah I'm not sure I will be able to, however I don't get to watch much tv since it is controlled by toddlers. Thank GOD for DVR!!