Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Our Week so far.....

Our week started out yucky, with Isabella getting her first stomach virus Sunday-Monday and throwing up on mommy a few to many times.

~notice the outfit change within minutes of the picture taken. :(

Taken today and back to her normal self, with a new haircut (trim really) and a dress mommy made her~

I am happy to report that she is back to her normal self and no one else has gotten it.

Monday the 23rd was Gianna's 5 month birthday and she is such a big girl now, rolling all over the place, sitting up with help, two bottom toofies in, and I swear any day she is going to start crawling. She gets up on all 4's and scoots herself around to whatever toy or twin she is interested in that moment.

Before haircut
    After haircut

Little man Colton has had a pretty good week, he had a slight fever yesterday for some reason but that was yesterdays news.  Although as I am writing this at 10:49pm he is in his crib crying, sister woke him up now he's mad.

Seems like alot and its only Wednesday.......

Saturday, August 7, 2010

This Summers Happenings...

So the twins are now almost 20 months old and Gianna is 4 months old.   Time sure has flown by and they are growing like weeds.  Gia rolls over from back to front and front to back and she has two bottom toofies!!  Colton and Isabella run, climb, jump, scream, pull, throw and laugh all over the place. Brayden was with us all of July and it was nice having him around, he loves his brother and sisters.  He was in the Super Series World Series with his baseball team and after 5 grueling days of nonstop games his team was eliminated, :(  he had a blast though and I enjoyed getting to see him play.  He's very good.  He starts fall ball soon, so that will be especially nice seeing him play baseball in the fall when is COOL!!  No football this year for him (kinda sad and kinda glad) (no injuries to worry about/teeth knocked out etc) Texas Football is no joke even at 10 around here!!!!  He will be playing soccer so he will still be busy for a 5th grader!! OY!! 5th grader---crazy!!!!

I am going to start Collin College in August and i'm super excited and anxious.  I plan on finishing this nursing once and for all and I'm ready to get back to work, I miss it, even though I love my babies some women are just made to stay home and some aren't.  I've been very fortunate to stay home this long.  I'm just happy to have a husband who supports my choice either way!! :D  Plus 3 kids all pretty much the same age = $$$$$!!!

Well that pretty much sums up our summer...we are ready for fall to begin and the craziness of the holidays/birthdays to be upon us...oh and the cooler weather.