Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dallas Arboretum~October 16th, 2010

So we did our 2nd Annual Family trip to the Dallas Arboretum on October 16th, 2010 and here are just a few pictures (my faves) from that day!

~These last two pics are from last year~ Oh my how things change and time flies!! :D

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hello World Series!!

Congratulations to our Texas Rangers for defeating the New York Yankees in Game 6 and advancing to the World Series for the first time in our clubs history!! 

I have to admit that I was in no way shape or form and baseball fan, until Brayden.  He stayed with us the whole month of July and I watched so many games that by the end of the month I knew so much about baseball I was impressed.  Now if you would have asked me if we were gonna be in the World Series I would have said no, but boy would I have been so wrong. 

I think this team is just that they are such a TEAM and its such a great feel good story.  Here's a team thats had indiscretions from management to players, bankruptcy, getting auctioned off in the middle of the season and they still came out as a TEAM and continually dominated the games they played. 

This picture says it all, teammate Josh Hamilton had left earlier game winning celebrations (a few games back) because the guys were celebrating with Champagne, well as a recovering addict he couldn't be around that.  How cool is it, that his TEAMMATES respect and love him to celebrate with GINGER ALE!! AWESOME!!!

 I dedicate this blog to Brayden and Michael, I know how much this means to ya'll!! :D

Thursday, October 14, 2010

~The littlest pumpkin~

Aren't these fabric pumpkins too cute??  I made them out of fabric scraps and stuffed and made the stems (of the orange ones) out of an old sweater of mine. Isabella and Gigi love playing with them. 

She's just too stinking cute for words!
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10...Weekend Wrap-up!!

We had a busy weekend this weekend.  Friday, after Michael got home we loaded up and headed out to Bobby & Kristy's house.  We hadn't seen them since 4th of July weekend so it was long overdue. 

Saturday!  We loaded up and I mean loaded up, it took two cars for us to go the the Fort Worth Zoo.  There were 10 of us total: Michael, me, Colton, Izzy, Gigi, Kristy, Kayla, Eric, Brylee and little Dan. We got there at 10:30 am and stayed until 4:45.  We had a good time and I can't believe how perfect Gigi and Dan were, they were the very best babies.  Actually all the kids were really good, Isabella had mini meltdowns,  I think her lack of a naptime really got to her she was a hot mess towards the end. Here are just a few of the pictures I took, there's no way to put them all on here, too many!!

Sunday, October 10th, 2010 (how cool is that)

We went to church this morning and finished up the Red Letters Sermon, I love learning new things about the Bible each time I go.  Today, Michael and I also had Connecting Point at Church at 5:30 and this was to join a Life Group.  We had heard it was awkward and boy was it.  I had gone last Tuesday to the Mom's Connect event and I really didn't think that was too awkward I really liked it, but todays was ugh, its like you stand in the middle of a room just hoping someone comes and talks to you.  Haha Lucky for us we are a really interesting couple only because we have 3 kids under the age of two and a pair of those are twins.  We played a Bingo game and you had to sign your name on a square, for example the square we signed was "parents of multiples" other things were like plays an instrument and so on. Including the free space we had gotten 12 spaces signed and were in the running for...wait for it....a Hope Fellowship Coffee Mug, we then had to pick a number and thats how I lost our coffee cup, I knew I should have gone with number 3 because the number was 2. I'm highly competitive even in church bingo...is that wrong??

Well we did get into a Life Group and we decided on Saturday evenings, I really hope this is gonna be a good fit for us and we have 4 meetings within 2 months to decide if we all want to stay in our group or we get to do the awkward connecting point again. Pray for us!! :D

And that was our weekend.......