Thursday, February 24, 2011

11 months old

My sweet little angel is 11 months old, as of yesterday the 23rd.  Where did my little itty bitty tiny squishy puffy cheeked little butterball go!??! I love her so much.

Friday, February 11, 2011

~Finally Finished Frame~

I've finally finished the frame I bought over a month ago, I painted it black and added really cute shabby chic contact paper to hold Gianna's most precious infant zebra booties that I adore.

I also finally got around to hanging all this on her wall that has been in her closet waiting for a home.  I think it turned out pretty cute, I still have ALOT more stuff that I need to hang, but this was a good start!!

Next up, is to finish painting the letters of her name
{I've only gotten GIA done}

Lastly, some pics of the kids...they have been sick pretty much all week, [COLD]

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cabin Fever Projects during Icepocalypse 2011

*{This post is a tad long and wordy, due to the nature of getting some junk off my chest}*

This is the THIRD day of sub-freezing weather, icy roads and the FIFTH day we have been in this house and not stepped a foot outside. 

I take that back I ice skated down the driveway to our mailbox, not as fun when your 31, and terrified of breaking a hip, or skull,  that was a sight let me tell ya.

I see all these posts on Facebook of mom's wincing in pain at the thought of their school aged child being home for the THIRD day in a that I have no comment, really!!??  I do this day in and day out I hardly EVER get a break, ladies...welcome to my life!! ;D

Our one day we planned on getting out (Tuesday) for Mom's group at church, it was cancelled!! SO sad I sooo look forward to seeing real people, real grown up people to talk to.  I'm 1000% sure I will look back at this post when its 115 degrees outside and kick myself in my own butt, but till then I would like to vent. {thankyouverymuch}

So the first day of our 2011 shut in I decided to get out the easel we bought the twins for their birthday.  I hadn't let them use it yet, not sure why, just didn't.  So I brought it into the kitchen so that I could start preparing our pot roast and the veggie soup I made.  I had Gigi in the highchair snacking away and I went on to chop veggies.  This lasted a [WHOLE ENTIRE 2 MINUTES] before I heard screams and cries and bodies and crayons being flung to the floor. ***Side note: when I bought this fantastic easel from Ikea in Frisco I thought to myself...hmmm how awesome TWO sides...TWO sides for TWO kids...ONE on each side, right??? WRONG!!! SOooo Soooo wrong, they each wanted to be on the side the other was on, imagine that!! What's a mom to do, so I taped a picture for each child on the same side...OY  that worked out for a bit until they started fighting over the meantime Gigi is screaming for more puffs and for crying out loud I just want to chop some veggies!!!!! I only added the happy pictures in here, I should have added the real nasty ones but I deleted those, they are already ingrained in my memory, I spared the rest of you.

While the kids napped yesterday, I took like a 2 min shower, expressed dried my hair, threw some food in the microwave...scarfed that down in 5 minutes so that I would have some time to sew.  I hadn't sewed in a while and I really wanted to make them some pillows.  The pillows that they were using were Christmas ones and that's annoying to see Christmas in February or any other month thats not December.  They're really nothing too special I just cut up some fabric I had on hand and sewed and stuffed away.  The twins were super happy to get new pillows, more than I thought they would be. They are carrying them around everywhere, guess they like them. Here's some shots of them after their nap showing off their new pillows. 

I totally forgot, I had bought this little jacket for Gigi this past summer at Target it was on clearance for like $2.  I found it while digging through fabric for pillows.  I used scraps from a pillowcase I made Brayden and add ruffles on the bottom and a cute little flower to the front! LOVE this, turned out sooo cute!!

Not sure how much longer I can stay in this house, better warm up soon!!!