Friday, December 31, 2010

What I've Learned in 2010....

What I've learned in 2010...I saw this catchy title on Modern Mom and thought thats a great idea.  My friend Wendy, whose a blogging genius did this as well...(she didn't know about the one on Modern Mom) SO I am going to take a stab at it as well!!  Here we go:

-GOD is so GOOD

-Family is so Good

-Ask for help- your FRIENDS will give it to you

-I matter

-I LOVE crafting, its sorta my new obsession

-My children are exhausting, hard work and annoying at times, but they are happy & HEALTHY and give me so much joy the rest of the time.

-Friends are like the air I breathe and I LOVE them and need to spend more time with them

-Stepping out of my comfort zone is refreshing & livens things up and I like that

-Babies grow up wayyy to quickly, its heartwrenching

-Fear will HUNT you down

-I really love cooking

-Forgiveness.  There is so much power in it, NO weakness, Forgiveness is an attribute of the Strong.

-Patience is STILL something I have yet to possess!!

-Slow to anger should be more of my motto than quick to anger.

-Eating crow tastes like @*!& and I've eaten my fair share this year!

-At 31 years of age, I still CANNOT for the life of me make the perfect cup of coffee OR Fluffy delicious rice!?!??!?!

-And last but certainly not least My husband is my HERO & I don't let him know that near enough!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Gianna's 1st Christmas Day!!

Christmas morning was spent at our house opening up gifts.  I prepared a Strata the night before and popped it in the oven in the morning for breakfast.  Christmas Lunch was at Don and Laura's and we played our family favorite (Christmas Bingo)!!!

 Popow was giving her some turkey while he was carving it, she LOVED it!! ;D

 The OLDEST and the youngest!! I'm so glad and blessed my children have siblings!!

 This was by far my best Christmas gift...I love my angel girl!!

THE Princess had arrived...HER not me!! I've relinquished my crown since I have 2 daughters now!! LOL ;D

2010 Family Christmas Picture...Thanks Don!!

Rewind button---Christmas Sugar Cookies!!!

My Brayden has ALWAYS loved making sugar cookies with me, since he was little bitty so this year was no different, we had a good time.  I'm still a freak (about messes, and mixing colors and strange other ocd's I have) but I did really good just rolling them out and letting him do his thing!! 

 I don't know why this makes me think of some old show when I was little ( i have no clue what its called) but someone would yell MAKEUP and this big poufy powder thing would smack them on the face!) RANDOM

 Daddy sneaking in a cookie mommy decorated, gorgeous pic by Janet!! :D

Next year will be so much crazier and dare I say...FUN with the twins and Gianna!! :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Colton & Isabella's 2nd Birthday!!

How can I even express the amazement of the past 2 years!! Number one it literally still seems like yesterday I was pregnant with them and that I gave birth to them.  My sweet sweet angels (who are 2 year old whirling dervishes) are TWO!! Holy Cannoli Hank!! :D

We had their 2nd Birthday party which was Yo Gabba Gabba themed on Saturday, December 18th.  Thank you to Uncle Don who took amazing pictures with his camera and my BFF Janet who took great pictures with my camera!!  For starters lets start with a little throwback picture!!

Brayden was 9 and the babies were one month old in this pic!

There are SOOO many more pictures, I'll probably have to do ANOTHER post!! :D

Twins Birthday week continues....

The kiddos and I, plus Mimi and our friends Jennifer and Chase decided to head out to Lewisville to this fun place called Going Bonkers!!  Some of the ladies in our mom group recommended it and I am really glad we decided to check it out it is ALOT of fun and CHEAP!! :D

Mini teacups...loved this!!

Even Gigi could get in on the fun!!

 Climbing Monkey her and Chase LOVED going down the slide, over and over and over again!! :D

 My oldest, who turned 11 on December 15th...Happy Birthday Baby Boy and my youngest who will be 9 months old on Dec. 23rd!! OY
My Precious Precious Babies!!! ALL OF THEM~~