Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Way Behind....

SOOOO I'm behind on my blog posts, i.e. our family vacation to Colorado....that's coming soon just have to find some very very quiet mommy time..ahahah yeah right.

Anyhoo I took a very cute video of Colton eating his dinner tonight. Lately when the twins eat they are more concerned about "other" things, they wanna touch the spoon, stick their fingers in their mouths, fingerpaint with the food, argh I have to take a deep breath and try to get their attention elsewhere. So today it was Mr. Colton that was a bit more of a challenge than Miss Bella, so I started making this funny grunting noise and he started laughing so hard everytime I did it his face turned red and his eyes got teary. Too it is

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"This gives new meaning to PACK ~N~ PLAY"

Brayden received a care package today. So me being the innovative mom I am, or actually remembering that babies love anything that is not classified a in anything you purchase for them to love. I decided to put Isabella in the box and see how she liked it. Well, SHE LIKED IT...ALOT. I think she spent about 30 minutes in the box playing, scratching, biting, drooling ALL over it. I took a million gazillion pictures half of which would take way to long to post on here so I posted my favs. I took her out because it was time for a nap, or lunch, or something at this hour it all runs together :D well anyways she was sooooooo upset she was screaming and crying and acted like I had just done the worst thing ever. I felt bad but I stuck to my guns and she went down, or ate!! :P
Many, many hours later I had decided to put Colton in the box because I didn't get any pics of him and well the rule with twins is if one of them gets something done, then the other one gets something done too. Well not to my suprise, he was in box heaven and he loved it. He scratched it, he pulled the flaps up and down like he was in a plane, he knawed on it like a chew toy he absolutely loved it as well. I got 45 minutes of cooking dinner time because he was so satisfied with the box. He was still in the box when daddy got home!! :)
Who knew I could write such an elaborate blog on a box, ha!! So everyone please save your boxes, all shapes....all sizes.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

~Happy 7 Month Birthday to our Twins!!!~

WHEW can't believe our sweet babies are 7 months old today. They have developed and grown so fast already. Here's a list of what they are doing now
  • We can both sit up unassisted...(yeah)
  • We can hold our own bottle...(even better)
  • We have started our sippy cups
  • We have our bottom two teeth
  • We can be on our stomachs and then get into a sitting up position!!
  • We both move all over the floor in some sort of scooting/crawling/rolling action
  • We eat very well especially now (thanks Aunt Laura/Uncle Don for our awesome food steamer/pureer) all our food comes from home NO PRESERVATIVES OR ADDITIVES
  • We both like to bounce up and down on our legs in our jumperoos
  • We don't cry as much, but now we like to yell and scream at the top of our lungs..ear piercing just for mommy and daddy!! :D
  • We have already started stealing each others toys and bottles and pulling hair and
  • We have a very cute/sweet deep down belly laugh...

And just today, I looked in Isabella's mouth and her top front tooth has broken through!!!!!! oh boy! :D

~These pictures are all from today, I cut up some banana pieces and gave them to the twins in their meshy food thingys. This was the first time they used them and they did really well and ended up eating half a banana!!~

~Miss Bella reading~

~Love this~

~They had no idea I took this~

~The End~

Monday, July 13, 2009

Our "Busy" Saturday!!!

We had a busy fun-filled Saturday this weekend. We had a birthday party to go to for The Mata Triplets, they turned two. We headed to Chuckie Cheese in Rockwall for the festivities. After the birthday party we took the twins to Mimi & PaPaw's house and we went over to continue celebrating with the triplets for a fun day of swimming and hotdogs. We got back to Frisco around 5pm and got ready for our parents nite out. We ate dinner at Gordon Biersch at the Shops of Legacy, stopped next door at Ra for a drink, and then we headed to Loft 610 for dancing/music. We had a great time and a pretty good size group. Sunday was definitely our day of rest, we all loaded up and went to Wal-mart to pick up this weeks necessities. We are all very excited and ancy...we leave for Colorado on Thursday night. Oh yeah and our sweet little twins turn 7 months on Tuesday, 14th...WE CAN'T BELIEVE IT.

~Here are lots of pics from our Saturday events!! Enjoy!!~
Colton relaxin' before his day starts....

Mommy & Izzyboo ready to leave...

Our pretty girl =D

He's such a happy boy....

My beautiful sweet children....

Lisa & I had a great idea after Leila, Kai, & Zoe got done swimming to give them their bath....outside, we didn't realize that 3 girls running around would be hard to contain, we thought they might like it but they were just running around everywhere it was so cute. I got a few pics to capture the moment....

Here's Zoe I had to catch her because she thought it was funny to run from us...

Lisa and her precious triplets....

This was the first time the girls bathed outside, we think they liked it...not sure if it was easier than the bathtub or not, but FUN~

Here's Kai or Leila (they are identical) and I can't tell whose who, she was talking to the twins, (they say all multiples have this "twin language" and they seemed to be communicating)

Zoe came to join her sister in seeing the baby twins :D

Pictures from our night out!!!

Funny story comes with this pic me, Michael, Jon, Liesl, Rick and Wendy were sitting down and talking and all the guys were saying that this tall man behind us was Roy Williams (the ex longhorn Roy Williams) So, Liesl & I decide to go up to him and get a pic taken with him. My husband took the picture, but what was so embarrassing is he asked us who we thought he was and we told him and he said no my name is (and whatever name he gave us) and then his girlfriend was like no he is not Roy Williams blah blah blah. We still got a pic with him anyways but thanks guys for not knowing your Dallas Cowboy players faces! :D I guess whats even better is that I showed Brayden and told him it was Roy Williams and he looked at it and in a split second he said MOM...THAT IS NOT ROY WILLIAMS and laughed at me!!

Forrest & I

Wendy & I

Cute pic of Rick & Wendy

Rick, Michael, & Jon

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

2009 Glambassadors announced....

Audra M. Gray

I think towards the end of Jan/Feb I was reading my Glamour magazine and saw they were accepting applications for 2009. I filled out the information and sent what they wanted and in April I got the news that I was one of Dallas' new 2009 Glambassadors. As most of you may well know, I LOVE all things fashion, including shoes and latest trends. I'm so excited to be apart of this elite class of Glamour. I got my welcome kit, which included a plum tote, with a brand new FLIP video camera (to use in shooting film for Glamour at fashion events) business cards, fun glambassador note pad/pencils, gift cards (which I have to give out). This is a non-paying job, but there are many perks that come with the assignments, I hope to share all these with my friends and family!! I'm also excited that Dallas will host its first official fashion week called Dallas High Fashion Week in September, HOW FUN!!!

Check out Augusts' issue of Glamour Magazine, my name is on page 93 along with fellow 2009 Glambassadors across the United States, if I'm not mistaken I believe there are about 10 for Dallas.

Monday, July 6, 2009

~Our Sunday Funday~

Sunday was such a great day. The weather was perfect in my opinion, it was cloudy, rainy, and under 90 degrees!! We decided to take advantage of that and head to the park. There is a beautiful pond that Frisco stocks with fish, and Brayden & Michael wanted to fish. While they fished I took the twins on a beautiful walk thru the trails, it was sprinkling. The twins were nice and covered up with the stroller canopies. Colton pretty much slept the whole time but Isabella and I enjoyed to walk, it was beautiful and quiet and it was just us and all you could hear was the rain and the birds and nature... I loved it!!
~Some cute pics of the boys before we headed out~

~This is our gorgeous view at the park we went to and the pond the boys fished out of~
~Pretty bird, it was huge almost as tall as Brayden~
~One of my favorite pics I think I've ever taken, I can't wait until our Colton can stand next to Daddy and his big brother~

~They saw some big trout in the pond, but didn't catch anything...maybe next time~

~After we finished our walk we went up to the pond~

~This is what the twins and I walked in, it was gorgeous~

~My Bella girl, she was wide awake and enjoying her stroll in the park~