Friday, November 26, 2010

Gianna's 1st and the Twins 2nd Thanksgiving- Nov 25th, 2010

Gigi really likes Jake

Our annual picture in front of the fireplace, not bad for three kiddos that like to squirm around everywhere!!

~Popow and Mim with the granbabies~

Poor little Colty boy has been sick with a fever since Monday evening, he did NOT enjoy any of the Thanksgiving food!! :(

I think Isabella has a rock in her mouth in this picture....oops!!

I LOVE Gigi's face in this picture, Popow was rubbing her tummy and she smiled REAL big!! :D

Happy Thanksgiving...until next year!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Our 8 month old baby....

Our little baby girl "Gigi" Gianna Micaela Gray is 8 months old today!!!
She is a little butterball of energy, she crawls (very quickly) everywhere, stands up and pulls her self around holding on to furniture, loves her sippy cup, loves her brother and sister.
She has 6 teeth already and more on the way.  She is super duper happy and a delightful baby and thankful that God blessed us with her.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sickly Week!

This past week was a tough one all three of the kids including myself were sick with colds, and Gianna got croup, her first (sickness) we are all on the mend now. Somehow daddy missed the bullet again on this round.  I made homemade chicken soup today, I forgot when I was sick how good that would have been.  I don't think I was thinking clearly, that and I had ALOT going on around here!

As I sat here typing this I had to go get a bowl, soooooo yummy!! I already feel 1000x better after eating it!! :D

This is whats for dinner tonight........

Thursday, November 4, 2010

~Halloween 2010~

The kiddos and I passed out Halloween Candy this year instead of Trick-or-Treating, they are still a little young and with Michael out of town (deer hunting) it would have been impossible for me to take all of them by myself.  Brayden and I carved pumpkins and entered them in our communties pumpkin carving contest on Saturday.  The judging took place from 5pm to 5:45, the categories were {most detailed} {kookiest} and {scariest}.  We won for {KOOKIEST, the owl pumpkin}, here are pictures from our day!! This year Brayden carved his pumpkin ALL BY HIMSELF, I'm a very proud momma, who takes pumpkin carving very seriously, and I'm happy to report he got the gene!! :D