Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding....

Oh it was so awesome I loved every minute of it, Amid all the buzz and pomp and circumstance, for one ecstatic moment the world soaked up the fairytale.  I was just 2 years old with Prince Charles and Princess Diana wed, so I don't remember seeing any of it.  I think its neat that the twins are the same age I was for this wedding. 

Here are my favorite highlights from this regal day!!

HATS, I loved all the hats!!  I totally wanna have a hat/tea fun!!

The Dress, omg the dress was divine and demure and perfect!

Brothers, one of my very favorite parts is when Kate walks into the Church and Prince Harry turns back and sneaks a peek at her and then says something to Prince William. I thought it was so precious.  According to speculation this is what he said,
"Right, she's here now." Flashing a roguish grin, he added: "Wait 'til you see her." 

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge... I love the titles so regal and royal!!

 Stagecoaches, I mean really does this need an explanation....Sigh!!!

Convertible Astin Martin, yes please!!!!

KISS...the Kiss...another sigh they look so in love and I LOVE that!!

Royal Wedding note in the program

Dress #2...again she is so stunning and skinny!!

Least favorite part, the scary little royal frowner, NOT A FAN!! Scary looking little girl...yes I did go there, and I'm being nice!

Well thats my take on this fairytale Friday.  I have fun ideas brewing already for Halloween!! YAY!  I've officially given us royal names too.

Best Wishes to the happy couple!!

Lord & Lady Gray of Princeton

heheheheh ;D (nice ring ehhh)

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