Monday, May 2, 2011

The Chair

This chair has been around a very long time. (The tag on the chair is from Thomasville and its got like a 1926 federal law (mattress type tag) on it)  It's part of a dining set that was my grandparents, I believe it had 8 chairs.  This is whats left.  I acquired the table, leafs, and chairs after I moved out of my home and into my own house.  The set was ginormous and moved with me everytime I moved until I moved into the tiniest apartment known to man in Dallas in 2007.  I had to get rid of the table, by this time I had "lost" the leafs and had 5 chairs.  I kept this one lone chair for sentimental purposes, (I'm very sentimental).  I guess because I remember these horrid green velvet seats, sitting on them, climbing on them, being around family (very dysfunctional family) but still family.  SO I had to kept one. 

Anyhoo, I decided to transform my "dysfunctional chair".  I believed I have transformed so much over the past few years my chair that was collecting dust in our attic deserved a new life too.  

Pretty and Primered

 I recovered the seat, with my husbands help.

I painted it gray

I distressed the heck outta it, because nothing is perfect and flaws are character!

I just LOVED how it turned out, don't you??

This piece is gonna be {the piece} that I use to transform our bedroom, can not wait.

I'm loving this whole take your old furniture and transform it thing, very cool and very chic!!

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